Eurasia Revolution
Eurasia Revolution
Eurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia Revolution
Principles of the Eurasian Revolution:

  • It's the fourth position, guarding the values, traditions, philosophies, ideologies, and arts of Eurasian countries.

  • The Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul axis draws a star of common culture and history which unites people in a unique nation. Domestic factors like geography, demography, economy, ideology, and politics embrace the lands of Eurasia, creating a spontaneous common herd of interests and cultural, ideological and religious heritage. 

  • Eurasia is a natural super-state, based upon the same history of ideologies which had built this unique identity.

  • In spite of the UK and the USA, Eurasia has deep roots in fascism, communism, socialism, bolshevism, anarchism; a set of ideas which dramatized, traumatized and infuriated a century. Passions that left a shared identity of hopes, frustrations, mentalities which only the people of Eurasia could understand deep in their hearts and souls.

  • It's the fusing of dead ideologies; like a phoenix born out of their ashes, now struggling against its natural enemy.

  • A mish-mash of ideologies born in Eurasia - finally marxism, nationalism, secularism, nihilism, ecologism join together for the last clash against the common enemies: capitalism and imperialism.

  • All forces unite - all principled political movements must collaborate and cooperate together in order to reintroduce a sane society of fervent citizens with moral integrity who live peacefully in a just, fair, free and unique land of Eurasia.

  • The Atlantatism of the Oceania super-state is an artificial and forced geopolitical conjecture.  The English powers have exploited Eurasian countries since they began their revolutions, during their existentialist internal fighting.

  • They took advantage from those in pain but needed debate between ideologies and philosophies in order to impose their liberal market of investments and perpetuate their control on Eurasia, through spreading a culture of hedonism, speculation, commodification and consumerism.

  • The Eurasian Revolution would oppose the civilization of Oceania, which diffuses a false, empty, meaningless culture. The Hollywood movies and pop music industries are the weapons which the USA and Britain use in order to subjugate minds to ignorance and to annihilate people to stop them thinking. Arts and philosophies are naturally Euroasiatic; it's the land where the most important thought has been born.

  • The colonization by Disney and MTV corrodes the public debate about high principles and concepts. The TV serials and imposed bestseller books can't represent feelings such as melancholy, love or soul pain, which only Euroasiatic literature and cinema can examine deeply.

  • People without true art and passion lack integrity and miss the path. Their spiritual degradation drives a meaningless life, in which confusion and absurdism petrify people into catatonic sadness and indifference.

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Eurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia Revolution Eurasia comprises all of mainland Europe, Russia, and a fluctuating amount of Manchuria, Mongolia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

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Eurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia RevolutionEurasia Revolution